Our Mission

We serve with Love to build New consciousness, a New model of life on Earth. We affirm the Divine Virtues. We work to raise human morality, to dispel any negatives and to reveal the most beautiful qualities of a person. We train, talk, and heal the Souls, ready to walk in the path of Light and Love. We share the Divine word, we follow the Natural Principles and laws, and we apply Love. In harmony with everything that surrounds us together we create the New Heaven and the New Earth in God’s Will.

Who is Georgi Izvorski?

He is a man of the spiritual enlightenment, an adept teacher. In the hundreds of lectures he has given in Bulgaria and abroad, he translates the Divine order of the Universe into a comprehensible, earthly language and provides simple, easily understandable examples of the spiritual and natural way of life. His word is extremely powerful, vivid, memorable and at the same time soothing the soul and healing. It is based on the moral code of ethics of the Universe and on the principles of Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice and Goodness. His words describe the path the earthly man can walk on, in order to reach absolute peak of purity, health, abundance and blessing.


Who is Silvina Bel Ilali?

A Healer, Lecturer, Fellow worker and partner of Georgi Izvorski. Silvina is a healer by the method of Divine Healing, which was created and perfected by her. She makes full diagnostics and complete release of karma, identifying the root causes of a disease and a failure in a business, a relationship and family, etc. Silvina heals with her presence and prayers at all levels with the help of all angelic and divine hierarchies. She helps thousands of people to be cured from cancer, multiple sclerosis and other “incurable” diseases. She provides accessible techniques and utilizes spiritual means such as prayer, mental practices, and spiritual insights to deal with anger, vices and addictions. Silvina shares knowledge about gifts from God to humans and offers support to anyone who comes to her with a question. She trains hundreds of followers of Divine Healing. Silvina is the creator of the Spiritual Centre “Our home”.


Spiritual Centre "Our Home"

A Centre of Spirit, Nature and Harmony, built with great Love, purity and dedication to the Entirety. Here everyone feels good, starts breathing lightly and smiles. It is charged with energy, filled with ease and touched by Love. People from all over the world are welcomed in this real home of Light and friendship for spiritual fellowship, healing, eco-building and organic agriculture.


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Georgi Izvorski and Silvina Bel are the spiritual leaders of the new time, of our time. The Leaders of the Light, Love, Truth and the Word! Be blessed for your good deeds and help many more souls awake!

THANK YOU for the positive energy I feel every time! Thank you for the emotion, for the strength, for the energy, for your support, we gain so much from your lectures, for the motivation, for everything you do! Thank you for helping us to be more spiritually aware, for the healing sessions and conversations, for the prayers you give us. Your words bring light and illuminate everything. I see that not only me, but also others are positively affected by this change that is happening.
THANK YOU for teaching us goodness, for teaching us to love others and love ourselves. THANK YOU!

After about 8-9 months, I began to seek God through my daily prayers and this is how I met Georgi and Silvina. Wth their words, they have given me light in the way that I have taken. God bless them!

Thank you our Master, for giving us the opportunity to read your books, by drawing the knowledge from them to fix and repair things in our lives!

I came back from Germany four years ago. I felt that living abroad is not for us. Watching Georgi and Silvina’s video’s made me want to visit their lectures and meet them. My wish came through! The feeling of being with them and all the people there was exciting and magical!!! As it is now!!! I am grateful to the Lord for bringing us together!!!

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