Illuminations along the Road


Perfectly short, extremely powerful and memorable

Second revised and supplemented edition

The second edition of the "Illuminations" is a book that is good for everyone to have close to them and to use every day, strengthening their connection with the Light Power, in prayer for themselves, for those near and far.
Almost twice as many prayers, formulas and messages are included in this second revised edition than in the first - practically almost all the prayers that Georgi Izvorski and Silvina Bel Ilali work with and have worked with, including those from Silvina's training "Divine Healing “.
The prayer Word has been reworked and of high quality, which has increased many times its energy frequency, as well as the usefulness of each prayer.

Thousands of miraculously improved human destinies - these are the prayers "Illuminations along the Road" - a living proof of the Living, Working connection with the Light Force, which always and everywhere helps us, as long as we know how to ask.

Prayer, this is Life with God!
Enlighten your way to the Almighty with pure, sincere and dedicated Prayer!

Spoken by Soul and heart, it protects, helps and fills with grace!

Georgi Izvorski about the "Illuminations"
"Illuminations along the Road" is not my book, of course it belongs to the Lord.
I have said it many times - the instruction I was given:
"Son, an hour and a half of long prayers, priestly works, colorful rituals, meditations of four hours are enough. A minute is enough.
I hear immediately, from the first second, from the first moment.
From half a minute to a minute and a half I want you to do the prayers -
I will tell them to you."
They are so powerful, so strong,
that my hair immediately starts to stand on end,
my whole body is activated immediately,
now while saying the prayer.
Yes! And everyone should start to feel it.
What are long doings for? Clear and concise!
It is with us! It is around us! That's all!

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