Gift Word Festive Love


Three priceless books with the words of Georgi Izvorski, which heals, awakens and fills with meaning the man of the New Age.

This set of three books includes
"STAR DEW" - 189 pages
and the booklet "THE GREAT DIVINE CHANGE".

When you buy the two fundamental books, you receive the "GREAT DIVINE CHANGE" as a gift.

"THE GREAT DIVINE CHANGE" is a current message with the quintessence of the Teachings of Georgi Izvorski, which if you read and try to apply correctly, will be truly a Divine gift for you, as the Word of Georgi Izvorski was a gift and salvation for many people so far.

Thousands of miraculously improved human destinies - this is the book "ILLUMINATIONS ALONG THE ROAD" with prayers, formulas and messages - a living proof of the Living, Working connection with the Light Force, which always and everywhere helps us, as long as we know how to ask. Perfectly short and memorable, extremely powerful and effective.

The book "STAR DEW" is a Spiritual Guide to the current super "civilized" and super dynamic time. It includes a list of forty-two Virtues for the application of the Divine Principles. One hundred and twenty-three major violations of the MORAL AND ETHICAL CODE OF THE UNIVERSE, called sins and useful guidelines, which clarify how individual foods affect the building and maintenance of spiritual qualities in man.

By purchasing the books, you support our entire activity of spreading the Word!

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