The Pentagram is a symbol of the person in motion, immersed in the Divine harmony, the person is dedicated to serve the Whole, The Good. This is also how it is depicted by Leonardo da Vinci.
The Pentagram is the occult sign of the New age. The five-pointed star representing the 5 virtues: Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice, Good Deeds. The three lines in the center depict the three Universes – Divine (of the Gods) , Spiritual (of the Angels) and Human (of men and women), and they symbolize the Holy-Trinity, and the Trinity code of the Universe.


The Pentagram is not an ornament – it is a powerful way for one’s protection. Powerful vibrations come out of the Pentagram that surround with protection from bad influences, but only the person who respects Natural and Divine Laws. Otherwise, this symbol may become dangerous for its owner, because the Pentagram multiplies tenfold the good, but also the negative.
The Pentagram is a sign of dedication to serve God and accelerates the clearing of the negatives in the person and speeds up his evolution on the Path of the Spirit.
Wear the Pentagram with Realization, with Love, Wisdom and Truth!


External Diameter:
19 mm – 25 lev
28 mm – 35 lev
31,4 mm – 70 lev


Georgi Izvorski explains the importance of the pentagram, as a symbol of energy, and the three lines in the middle.
“Recently I was asked, what are the symbols given to mankind in its millennial history. The answer is in one word: Strength! Strength we also call energy. The types of energies in the Universe are billions upon billions! But there is some order, claсsification, hierarchy, because every energy comes from one source-The Creator, and every energy is intelligent, but with varying degrees of intelligence, efficiency, power, frequency, and substantivity.

The person does not need to know many types of energies there are in their different strengths and qualities. What is important is to know how to manage them through their commanders. The symbols and signs are commanders of the energies, but the initiate must know their hierarchy, and not only that, but to know what orders to give to the commander (the symbol). The figure – a symbol of power, usually means the projection of the path of energy. For example the symbol ” An Angels wings ” according to ” Seikim ” shows two interconnected spirals (left and right) and shows the path of the turbulence of this spiritual energy in space.


The message of the Pentagram – the recently revived Symbol of Symbols. The message is valid when it is not worn as an ornament, but consciously and with dignity. The Pentagram with the addition of three Rays – a sign – a symbol of the twenty-first century and the third already enlightened Earth Millennium: “I am the Apostle of Light, servant of God. I strive to do HIS WILL always perfectly, everywhere. I am immersed in HIS boundless LOVE, WISDOM, TRUTH, JUSTICE and GOODNESS, I draw from HIS POWER and STRENGTH and I have ever HIS GREAT PROTECTION!”

The Pentagram, as it was given by the Universal Master BEINSA DOUNO ( Peter Deunov ) inside the five-pointed star is not filled. With HIS SUCCESSOR – a new projection of the Pentagram of the twenty-first century and the third millennium is given, as I already said, that space is now filled and in the middle part Three bidirectional parallel Rays are inscribed.

The middle ray is the longest, and the other two on both sides are smaller, equal to each other and spaced the same distance from the one in the middle. If we project a pentagon that outlines the Pentagram, the star in the middle, in which the Golden Ration (Fibonacci number) is active, we will see what looks like a funnel, with the wide part up. Through this ” funnel ” Light beings, so to speak, ” give us mind and intelligence ” which lead us to the knowledge and experience . . .

But speaking from our angle of view, that is. . .A CUP, THE CUP of the consciousness which is filled with the Holy oil of the highest virtues – true FRIENDSHIP , true BROTHERHOOD and true LOVE. Only now we step on the the road of THE GREAT HARMONY – THE NEW HEAVEN and THE NEW EARTH.
The Pentagram has been known since time immemorial. It is known as an outstanding symbol also of the Sunny Orpheus, roaming the Thracian lands as a Great Master more than thirteen centuries ago. . .

There are two symbols of the Pentagram in an Orthodox Christian church and probably their age is more than half a millennium.
THE CROSS as a religious, ritual, and esoteric sign and symbol of religion and religious spirituality in the last two thousand years, I think, fulfilled its role with honor, duty and responsibility, and I still think, that if henceforth the cross is not placed always in a circle (that require The New Heaven and The New Earth), it will have minimum powers.

By the way, in other churches, built a century and even more ago, in many places on the walls, clearly are seen evenly lined crosses depicted in circles by the master of the church.
In this writing I will not give too many details about pentagrams, I will list just a few of the meanings of the three Rays – especially their occult – esoteric symbolism :
-First: This is the TRINITARIAN CODE OF THE UNIVERSE – quintessence known to us as FATHER, SON and SPIRIT – THE HOLY TRINITY, which is always in EVERYTHING and contains everything… visible and invisible…

-Second: This is a symbol of THE THREE FUNDAMENTAL UNIVERSES – The Divine, The Spiritual (Angelic) and Human. They are the contents of the Universe, called also Holy Universe.
-Third: This is The Symbol of the supreme Harmony embodied in THE THREE BASIC PRINCIPLES of the Universe – LOVE, WISDOM and TRUTH. Of course, the basic are seven in number. Five Rays of Star, the Pentagram express five of them, namely: LOVE, WISDOM, TRUTH, JUSTICE and GOOD DEEDS. The circle represents the sixth principle of PERFECTION or the striving for perfection, whose basis are HARMONY and BEAUTY. The Seventh Principle is CREATIVITY – in everything. It is the basis of evolution. . .

– Fourth: That is the transformed cross of Christ, so that even in this century and in this millennium souls can leave the old earthen “crossroads” and go freely up or down (by their will). That is, they now learn to go up and down like a “lift”. But always with free flowing energies because they have no “crossings and intersections, stops and barriers.”
– Fifth: This is the absolute symbol of the merged matching soulmates (both sided equal lines). Largest between  them is GOD WHO unites them in an absolute and indivisible whole and accepts them in the GREAT FOCUS. No need to fool ourselves – without their Shaki no conscious entity of the universe, no matter how perfect, can not even think to go in there. . .

-Sixth: The Three Rays of Pentagram remind us to think, speak, feel and act always three-dimensional – and that means to treat things always: first – from the Divine point of view, second – from the Angels’ perspective and third – from a Human point of view. Requirement of The Human is: “to love your neighbor as yourself.” The Angelic is to “love your neighbor and your enemies”. The requirement for Divine beings: “Love your neighbor! Love your enemy! Love you traitor! “That is, everyone! This is the fullest expression of Love for God. Recall the three Testaments: “Love GOD! Love thy neighbor! Strive for perfection! “Or” Be as perfect as your FATHER!”

-Seventh: The Three Rays are a symbol of the absolute and perfect harmonization of The Male Principle YANG and The Female Principle YING, Principles which now are working together and in parallel for the evolutionary welfare of mankind and hence The Universe, taking into account only GOD’S GREAT PROVIDENCE – The middle Ray is GOD’S WILL uniting and leading them.

-Eight: The Three Rays indicated the three main energies flowing in the body.

-Ninth: The three Rays represent the three major factors in the uniqueness of every intelligent form in the Universe. As I already wrote, they are three Meta-atoms in one Meta-molecule. SPIRIT, SOUL and Seminole atom that carries the whole experience of the intelligent form since its “birth” henceforth. . . THIS IS THE KEY  to create a Human, an Angelic and a Divine consciousness. Race, color, gender, religion, marital status, party affiliation, profession, education, social status, intellect, intelligence, etc… are not factors. For a man to become – a man an angel and a deity one must learn to live like a Human, like an Angel, and as Deity … Nothing else is required!

– Tenth : The three two-way Rays mean or rather dictate THREE – UNIVERSAL MAXIMUMS-TESTAMENTS to mankind :
The middle, THE DIVINE-reads: “In the accomplishment of GOD’S WILL is the strength of the human soul ” ;
The right ray-The SPIRITUAL – means “God so loved the world that HE sacrificed HIS ONLY SON so no one perishes …”
The left ray is the HUMAN – guides one to”Seek first the kingdom of GOD and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS and everything else will be given upon you…”

The teacher BEINSA DOUNO gave THESE THREE LEGACIES to humanity in the form of the three circles of the Pentagram: The biggest – the outer, in which is the entire star, is the first MAXIMA.
In the second, the middle ring is the second MAXIMA. In the third – the smallest, inner circle – is the third MAXIMA.
The current representation of the symbol (with the Rays) overlaps completely with these COSMIC POSTULATES and its image because DIVINE GUIDANCE and PRECEPTS are implemented in Eternity according to the degree of consciousness.
In the beginning the Rays are presented linearly. Then as spirals, that represents a circle which is not closed and evolves and eventually leads to the SPHERE or to an ABSOLUTE and PERFECT PRESENCE that is always in the ETERNAL NOW.

The star of the Pentagram is silver in a circle of gold and the three Rays are diamond of different colors. The middle Divine Ray – blindingly white, clean and bright. The right is sunny – golden-orange with wonderful blue and purple and soft red glare. The left is а so called Moon – bright silver, filled with deep pink and bright green . . . The Solar Ray is the male principle, the Moon is actually the Earth Mother – conception, birth, growth – LOVE without a riot.
The power of the Pentagram is unlimited. It sends diamond rays in all directions and is itself immersed in a Sphere of pink light.


The Pentagram is activated by the Holy Words ( Mantra ):
The Sacred words are spoken three times calmly and clearly, with an absolute and perfect awe, The SPIRIT will immediately show His Presence in you and in everything around. . .
The Words translated read:


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